About Us

STI Transport Logistics is a specialty freight company that was started in Savannah, Ga. in November, 2017. STI acts as a mediator that connects shippers who need freight transported to motor carriers that can transport the freight to the receiver or co-signer. 

We have the ability to operate close to the Savannah Port, which is the fourth busiest container terminal port in the United States, the second busiest auto port and the largest single container terminal in North America. Moreover, Savannah Ports possesses the largest concentration of imports on the east coast and the busiest harbor in terms of exports. 

Our mission at STI Transport Logistics is to provide our customers with the best logistical transportation solutions in a safe, reliable, efficient, and valuable manner, while holding a high level of integrity, leadership, and quality. Our level of customer satisfaction outperforms the competition due to our responsible, accountable, and reliable actions. We strive to make all customers as happy as possible, so let us fulfill your logistical needs today!


STI Transport Logistics Brokerage Service


1089 Green Morgan School Rd. Clyo, GA 31303


Office: 912-250-9069

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